Saturday, July 9, 2011

loving me loving you...

Your blue eyes envelop
My brown skin, a desert
Blown away by soft words,
In the wind I feel the sun
Drawn to your lips, a touch
Separates the red moistness,
The paleness of your smile
I kiss, our cheeks brush
Hair running through fingers.

We look across wide blue
Eyes flashing, rasping silence
We sit in peace speechless,
Blinking at gentle brightness
Flowing love veins, a touch
Traces the raised blueness,
The forgiveness of laughter
Knows not, what we do
Grants me my salvation.

At work time shaves edges
Off no-one, standing still
Eyebrows raise departure,
The earth runs to the other
Arms outstretched, a touch
Lends your smile freshness,
The suppleness of a breast
I kiss, brushes my hair
loving me loving you.

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