Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If only she...

Original Work by Samantha Thompson
If only she would come to me,
listen to my heart beat for her
touching me, touching her gently
I’m sure she would turn to me,
her eyes aside in modesty
letting me kiss her, rose red cheek
my hand had first brushed softly.

If only she would open her arms,
move to embrace me bodily
embracing her, softly with charm
I’m sure she would tenderly
reveal eyes to me, as one soul
we move together, lip to lip
my body and hers would fold.

If only she would meet half way,
in her charming embrace mould
me to her, so I may to her say
what needs to be said and hold
her in return, melded in unity
love each other, eye to eye
enter that realm that is eternity.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Invisible Horizon

Your hair hangs freely
there to touch, I want
to feel you feeling me,
so as to be with you
together, as one
united in time, touching
your touch I touch me,
to look into your eyes
looking at me as I am,
my soul before yours
naked and exposed,
to smell your sweetness
savouring mine, bodies…

In a gentle dance, coming
and going as they please,
a rondel to an inner music
beyond comprehension,
on an invisible horizon
set in the imagination,
gently kissing softness
your cheek softens words
whispered, reflecting
a soft murmur to each other
je t’aime, Ich Liebe dich,
like a love transported
another land awaits;
I love you…
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as you dance before me.

In the shadow of night
you roll over me, mistily
raising an open palm
to every word of love.
I fall away bodily, hurt
questions are answered
in this dance of love
that we engage in.

I pick myself up, dusted
again I’m drawn to you,
the kindness that speaks
your hair held back, eyes
talk to me of darkness
begin again this dance,
I love you, man doesn’t
say such things to woman.

I hide amidst the faces
crowded in their silence,
seeing you there I want
to touch your soft cheek
and cook rice for you,
tacos for the children;
I step back, in solitude
your raised hand weeps.

My heart opens, rings
to the sound of names,
I echo yours, so sweet
you know longer care
I cry salt tears, words
light my smile with joy
and you spin, eyes sparkle
as you dance before me.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Your sweet arms.

Warm threads of light
call me ever closer,
bathed in golden rays
the birds’ song proclaims
a coming time of hope,
springing forever on
towards the light of love
deep within my soul,
lost somewhere beyond
my heart all quiet,
I see you there
before me, beckoning
me with your sweet arms.

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The Fallen Leaves of Summer.

The sun
falls behind trees,
poking in and out
as the train glides forth
on its way to nowhere,

A warm breeze
rustles my skin,
green with leaves
my heart, stops
the tracks pumping.

At ease
nothing disturbs me,
while I seek
nothing comforts me,
my roots are set.

A goat
climbs and poses
above me, wind
cascades, over my face
a rocky outcrop.

I think
she is out of reach
for today, I sit
quietly, my mind slows
rushing thoughts subside,

the sun
falls behind trees,
showing its golden face,
tracks click and clack
over nothing, silence.

My heart
wants to bleed green,
for the fallen leaves
dropped in the heat
of the coming summer.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Take my heart, my love.

My heart
is torn between longing,
a soft touch, a glance:
Where are you my love?

I feel
as though I’ve been cast,
the four winds, the stars:
Are you here my love?

on the cobalt blue sea,
the red blood, desire:
Will you come my love?

the search I continue,
never knowing, looking:
Are you her my love?

A child
dries a tear on my cheek,
saltry desire, fluid:
Take my heart, my love.

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The Path Ahead

Even though the path ahead is lit
by the scattered stars, I am blinded
forever to search, without knowing
whether I am lost or found, Lord
please fill me with your light, so that
the veil of darkness may be lifted,
and I may see clearly the way ahead
following the path of angels,
                                   loving to the end.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fan Me II

Rain falls, rustling leaves
my bare skin touching
midnight, as I walk
remembering those eyes
cast aside as if to tempt,
your lips smiling before me.

I walk on through streets
darkened, empty and wet
the soft sound of feet
on the pavement glistens
heading home to see you,
there silently before me.

I look, and you move
those rose red lips pouting
temptingly, asking
that I embrace you
in the darkness, I see
you there smiling before me.

You vanish before
my eyes, disappear
in the pitter patter
                                                of the rain, falling down
                                                I pray to the wind,
                                                fan me with your kiss.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I listen.

Eyes dancing,
lips talking,
a face so full
tells me of your day,
I listen,
following each move
that your face makes.
Your hands waving,
I want to take you
In my arms,
kiss you in a silence
that speaks a thousand words.

I ask you
for a coffee,
tells me of tomorrow,
I listen,
following each move
a number you give
me, face beaming
stilled by your stillness
In my arms,
kiss you in a silence
that speaks a thousand words.

You have gone
to your home,
look at the city
lights and the skyline,
I listen,
following your soul
to a silent movie,
I see you as I
wait for my train,
In my arms,
kiss you in a silence
that speaks a thousand words.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Let me whisper

She sits flicking
through the pages
for someone to call,
a connection by chance
may answer.

She stares ahead
wired for silence,
freckled shoulders
lead to slender fingers,
listening and watching
for a name.

She sits so still
in the underground
for her train to come,
each picture pauses
a gentle breeze.

Look at me, tonight
forget your mirror,
please let me whisper
how perfect your hair
is, clipped and tied back.
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I sing to you my love.

A word
carefully spoken,
the silence between
spaced to perfection,
can raise a heart beat
far away, over seas
and blue mountains,
I sing to you my love.

Your lips,
I feel you touch me,
my voice is broken
as each word isolated,
excites blood to flow
far away, over seas
and blue mountains,
I sing to you my love.

I spoke for too long
didn’t mean to hurt,
carefully placing
gaps to cushion love,
now she loves me
or rather, says she does.

A word
carefully spoken,
the silence between
spaced to perfection,
can raise a heart beat
far away, over seas
and blue mountains,
I sing to you my love.
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leave me be here
free me
from this suffering.

your sugared words
lead me
along a lonely path.

free of you
                  my love,
sing me
no more angelic songs.

leave me be here
                  right now,
Let me
savour life’s sweetness
                        in peace…

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drifting words

Waves of words
drift across the room
as we sit quietly
listening for clues
amidst the shuffling feet
leading up the passage.