Saturday, July 9, 2011

loving me loving you...

Your blue eyes envelop
My brown skin, a desert
Blown away by soft words,
In the wind I feel the sun
Drawn to your lips, a touch
Separates the red moistness,
The paleness of your smile
I kiss, our cheeks brush
Hair running through fingers.

We look across wide blue
Eyes flashing, rasping silence
We sit in peace speechless,
Blinking at gentle brightness
Flowing love veins, a touch
Traces the raised blueness,
The forgiveness of laughter
Knows not, what we do
Grants me my salvation.

At work time shaves edges
Off no-one, standing still
Eyebrows raise departure,
The earth runs to the other
Arms outstretched, a touch
Lends your smile freshness,
The suppleness of a breast
I kiss, brushes my hair
loving me loving you.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

In the light of her soft touch

To touch her
mascaraed eyes, kiss
her gentle lips, softness
runs through fingertips.
Golden hair, blonde
bodies touching, smoothness
breast against my cheek
touching the forest where dreams
are made, her legs dressed up
toes painted, naked for me
to see, just me, she holds herself
all made up so I may bask
in the light of her soft touch,
kissing her hand touching
my cheek warming
                          to her gentleness...

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A toast

Nothing, froth, blank verse
That no designer will cut,
So far drowns a troupe
Of Sirens now on the path.

We sail, oh my diverse
friends, I’m already astern
Before you cut that pompous
flood of wrath and winters.

Sweetly drunken I pledge
Without fearing the pitching
Barely standing to toast.

Soiltude, reef, star
It’s unimportant what earned
The blank concern of our canvas.

by Stéphane Mallarmé
translated by pdjones.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If only she...

Original Work by Samantha Thompson
If only she would come to me,
listen to my heart beat for her
touching me, touching her gently
I’m sure she would turn to me,
her eyes aside in modesty
letting me kiss her, rose red cheek
my hand had first brushed softly.

If only she would open her arms,
move to embrace me bodily
embracing her, softly with charm
I’m sure she would tenderly
reveal eyes to me, as one soul
we move together, lip to lip
my body and hers would fold.

If only she would meet half way,
in her charming embrace mould
me to her, so I may to her say
what needs to be said and hold
her in return, melded in unity
love each other, eye to eye
enter that realm that is eternity.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Invisible Horizon

Your hair hangs freely
there to touch, I want
to feel you feeling me,
so as to be with you
together, as one
united in time, touching
your touch I touch me,
to look into your eyes
looking at me as I am,
my soul before yours
naked and exposed,
to smell your sweetness
savouring mine, bodies…

In a gentle dance, coming
and going as they please,
a rondel to an inner music
beyond comprehension,
on an invisible horizon
set in the imagination,
gently kissing softness
your cheek softens words
whispered, reflecting
a soft murmur to each other
je t’aime, Ich Liebe dich,
like a love transported
another land awaits;
I love you…
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as you dance before me.

In the shadow of night
you roll over me, mistily
raising an open palm
to every word of love.
I fall away bodily, hurt
questions are answered
in this dance of love
that we engage in.

I pick myself up, dusted
again I’m drawn to you,
the kindness that speaks
your hair held back, eyes
talk to me of darkness
begin again this dance,
I love you, man doesn’t
say such things to woman.

I hide amidst the faces
crowded in their silence,
seeing you there I want
to touch your soft cheek
and cook rice for you,
tacos for the children;
I step back, in solitude
your raised hand weeps.

My heart opens, rings
to the sound of names,
I echo yours, so sweet
you know longer care
I cry salt tears, words
light my smile with joy
and you spin, eyes sparkle
as you dance before me.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Your sweet arms.

Warm threads of light
call me ever closer,
bathed in golden rays
the birds’ song proclaims
a coming time of hope,
springing forever on
towards the light of love
deep within my soul,
lost somewhere beyond
my heart all quiet,
I see you there
before me, beckoning
me with your sweet arms.

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