Friday, January 29, 2010

See the love there resting, and waiting.

A twig snakes up
The branch, full of bud
Carrying expectation,
Wattle birds chase
Through flowering gums,
As a magpie collects
Treasure for its nest.

The damp branches
Carry the bareness
Of a cold winter's chill,
Fleecy clouds blanket
The cold, blue sky,
Thrown along
By winds that have
Blown for days.

From behind a door
You came from nowhere,
Dark hair and eyes
Sat down beside me.
My heart rose
Felt the full moon,
Sensed the tide rising.

Daffodils bloom,
And in no time at all
The trees will follow,
Clouds 'll drift softly
Away to the east,
The golden blue skies
Of spring will be here.

I await the warmth,
The sound of her heart,
Of being held
In her loving arms,
I wonder if she'll look
Into my heart, and see
The love there resting,
                               and waiting.

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