Sunday, August 29, 2010

the city hums as a backdrop to my heart, beating.

Pigeons softly cooing perch on fences
leaves rustling the outstretched limbs,
the gently warming sun touches, my skin
thinks of her hand, my heart, sitting there
I look at her face, lines aged with grace,
and want to touch her soft hair, falling
Skin to be kissed, gently I feel the city
hum as a backdrop to my heart's beating.

Clouds break open, a caressing breeze
warmly feels for my skin, soft as silk
an  aeroplane descends, across sunlight
skies, she smiles at me, yes, she says
as some birds chorale, fly to and fro
a raincheck, my shoulders steel in fear
on a sunny day, the cat laps the waters
of the fish pond hoping, fish swim by.

I long to touch, when two souls meet
the softest silk drapes over me, whisp
of wind falls away as grey skies open
and bathe me in the light of her eyes
charcoaled, looking at me, laughing,
smiling, I long to see her hand resting
again, being drawn to kiss, whet lipped.

To be at one with her,  sheer delight
to feel her hair run through my fingers
and her fingers feel through my hair,
silence, looking into darkened eyes
at me, unspoken words drop quietly
loud enough to be heard, as the city
hums as a backdrop to my heart, beating
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