Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If only she...

Original Work by Samantha Thompson
If only she would come to me,
listen to my heart beat for her
touching me, touching her gently
I’m sure she would turn to me,
her eyes aside in modesty
letting me kiss her, rose red cheek
my hand had first brushed softly.

If only she would open her arms,
move to embrace me bodily
embracing her, softly with charm
I’m sure she would tenderly
reveal eyes to me, as one soul
we move together, lip to lip
my body and hers would fold.

If only she would meet half way,
in her charming embrace mould
me to her, so I may to her say
what needs to be said and hold
her in return, melded in unity
love each other, eye to eye
enter that realm that is eternity.

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