Tuesday, December 14, 2010

as you dance before me.

In the shadow of night
you roll over me, mistily
raising an open palm
to every word of love.
I fall away bodily, hurt
questions are answered
in this dance of love
that we engage in.

I pick myself up, dusted
again I’m drawn to you,
the kindness that speaks
your hair held back, eyes
talk to me of darkness
begin again this dance,
I love you, man doesn’t
say such things to woman.

I hide amidst the faces
crowded in their silence,
seeing you there I want
to touch your soft cheek
and cook rice for you,
tacos for the children;
I step back, in solitude
your raised hand weeps.

My heart opens, rings
to the sound of names,
I echo yours, so sweet
you know longer care
I cry salt tears, words
light my smile with joy
and you spin, eyes sparkle
as you dance before me.
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