Friday, November 5, 2010


On a cold wint'ry night
You came close to me
And warmed my heart
With talk of love, art
And nothing in particular.

I searched your photos
For a glimpse of you,
Smiling and hiding 
Behind faces pulled to
Conceal yourself from me.

Your warm smile, and
Pensive, mournful eyes,
Thoughtful and musing,
Denying your beauty
While your children sleep.

Your mouth shows the hurt
Of paradise lost,
Repairing hearts betrayed
Paint trees bearing fruit,
Giving form to chance.

Nothing exists in
The gaps between words,
Except everything
Unsaid which sighs
Then remains silent.

I wanted to kiss you
Right there and then,
Caress the soft skin
without contact so
gentle, impossible.

Winter brings light,
strength and courage
float in on a breeze,
branches bared start
to bud again in spring.

New growth is ordered,
While chaos surrounds
Winds blowing willy nilly,
A bud gives way to
Life anew, warmth abounds.

I think of you as
I look at your face,
Trying to understand
Your idea of fun,
What makes you tick?

You mix your colours
On an old used palette,
Place them with intent,
Giving form to that
Which never can be.

Anna, I like you
Is love too strong a word?
How long will the gaps
And inflections point
To the sighs and pauses
                                Beyond what is said...

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