Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Fallen Leaves of Summer.

The sun
falls behind trees,
poking in and out
as the train glides forth
on its way to nowhere,

A warm breeze
rustles my skin,
green with leaves
my heart, stops
the tracks pumping.

At ease
nothing disturbs me,
while I seek
nothing comforts me,
my roots are set.

A goat
climbs and poses
above me, wind
cascades, over my face
a rocky outcrop.

I think
she is out of reach
for today, I sit
quietly, my mind slows
rushing thoughts subside,

the sun
falls behind trees,
showing its golden face,
tracks click and clack
over nothing, silence.

My heart
wants to bleed green,
for the fallen leaves
dropped in the heat
of the coming summer.

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