Friday, November 5, 2010

A fairy dances

I look out
through drizzling rain
across the northern plains.
An elm buds anew,
as stag ferns glisten
to your voice I listen.

Soft words fall
down gentle plateaux
through the foothills below.
Drifting across plains,
my ears are wide open
that feeling comes not often.

The voice speaks,
assured you speak true
ev'n if I still feel blue.
I move to stand up
'n' walk towards you there
in the direction that I stare.

Wait for you?
This madness scares me,
makes me my thoughts to flee
to you, on your plateau
children run around,
feet planted on the ground.

Anna, come
while I dream dreams
of you, so that it seems
that I feel you touch
me, touching you too
kissing me, and kissing you.

Smiling eyes,
hair wavy 'n' wild
jumpin' 'round like a child,
loved and freely lovin'
I kiss but you're not there,
run my fingers through your hair.

Drizzle falls
on shinin' green leaves,
my breast softens and heaves.
A fairy dancing,
white lillies to my right,
I wish you were here with me
                          to see this magic sight.

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