Sunday, November 21, 2010

No need for goodbyes

Grey clouds blanket blue skies above
the warm winds feather leaves, flowers
blooming, shop doors open and shut
as people come and go, belly protruding
an unshaven old man, young women
dressed for fashion tap on phones, looking

We journey on together toward the sun
hoping beyond hope to be freed from desire
resting peacefully, grey beards and t-shirts
talk while young women chat and aspire
to a higher plane always there below them,
never looking up lest their hearts catch fire.

Freedom is already there for the taking
with nothing to search for, love forsaken
I would sing at your window on a warm
summer’s night, if I didn’t fear that such
beauty was already taken, so I sit by myself
observing my words, hopefully mistaken.

All is within you, you were born to a gift
that your mother sang you sweet lullabies
and cooked those dishes you can’t forget.
Happiness and joy already there, no need
for goodbyes, love fills you heart, spreads
to the world, a touch, dark glancing eyes.

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