Saturday, November 20, 2010

A light that shines.

I see her hidden
behind dark glasses,
her radiant smile
walking towards me,
blonde hair says “Hi!
Remember me?
Perhaps we were meant to be
together, we talk over coffee.

Blue eyes radiate
joyfully dancing,
she smiles a whispy
blondeness, freckled arms
hang down, as if
we’d never parted.
A mosaic of recognition I hold
her hand, she gently squeezes.

I ring her that night
and again tomorrow,
wanting to hold her
touch her speckled skin,
follow each crease
from head to toe,
at last a light that shines before
me, I let her go on a promise.

That light I search for
echoes inside me,
in a dream I see her
laying naked, hair
hanging down, sun
spangled shoulders,
still I wander endlessly
in the darkness for that love.

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