Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love, when will you come?

when will you come
and hold me in your arms?
When love has filled your heart
and the world has left you empty.

Why wait till then
to take and kiss me sweetly?
When you mind has emptied
your heart will be full of love for me.

when will the strings,
of the past be loosened?
Heart strings like gossamer
will dissolve when you choose to live.

with this torment
tempted without you love to show?
My love is there for you
already in your heart, take me.

All I see is light;
why keep me waiting in the night?
The night is long, so too the day
In one brief moment I am with you.

come to me now
while my longing for you desires.
I have already come to you
always there in your heart, kiss me

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