Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Reflection

Why do you look at me so,
I’m tired and my work is through?
What more can you ask of me,
Now that all is said and done?
I’ve danced my last pirouette,
My Reflection: by Samantha Thompson
shown myself to all and sundry,
that’s all I have. And when
the gift that I’ve been graced with
has been weathered by mother time,
and each quill of my feather
has fallen to the ground,
will you still look at me so,
Wanting to cup my warm breast
and dream of suckling her milk.

You’d deny to me point blank
that you’d ever think this way,
magically beyond desire
you stare at me quite rudely,
wanting to overcome me
after all that I’ve done, you
want to take me! And then
like a babe at my nipple
you’ll look at me, call me babe
as you look into my eyes.
Still, you’ll not see me looking
or smell the drink on your breath.
Please go now, leave me in peace,
I’m finished now for the night. 

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