Saturday, November 13, 2010

She lights the path ahead

 A cool breeze brushes my skin
as clouds drift aimlessly by,
lovers kissing on a bench
sprout green leaves against the sky.
I long for something, unsure what
exactly draws me to desire,
a light I know ahead of me,
a path to which my heart aspires.

An old friend walks beside me
uttering a comforting word,
one by one in the street we pass
girls all dressed to strike a chord.
In his company I feel secure
as he gently laughs, as we talk
my red heart is no longer torn
by the desire we pass as we walk.

Oh, to find her! She’s not there
I must admit, not meant to be,
though my search will not be in vain
desire’s longing contained, I’ll see
her light brightly my path ahead,
certain that she won’t be let down,
even if I’m meant to wander
and accept my fate without a frown.

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